Will that be the Hippocratic oath for $200, Alex?

Neil G. Uspal, an emergency medicine physician who grew up in the Reading area, is the current champion on the Jeopardy! game show.

Uspal took home $19,400 on the show that aired Thursday night, beating out returning champ John Avila, of Arlington, Va., and Rachel Bauman, of Bethesda, Md.

Uspal, who works at Seattle Children's Hospital, grew up in Spring Township, west of Reading, according to the Reading Eagle. He went to Pennsylvania State University as an undergraduate before studying medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. He also completed a fellowship at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Bauman also originally hails from Berks County, the Eagle said. Before the show was taped, the two contestants discovered they had gone to the same high school.

Going into the final round, Uspal was in the lead with $18,400. He added $1,000 to his total by giving the correct answer to this question, according to fan site thejeopardyfan.com:

"A 1910 magazine article asked this groundbreaking artist if he used models; He grinned and said, 'Where would I get them?' "

Correct response: Who is Pablo Picasso?

Uspal will appear again on the episode airing Friday, locally on Channel 6 ABC at 7 p.m.