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Perfect conditions for a Broad Street Run

Runners wait at the starting line for the 33rd annual Broad Street Run on May 6, 2012. (Photo credit: Pete Lodato)
Runners wait at the starting line for the 33rd annual Broad Street Run on May 6, 2012. (Photo credit: Pete Lodato)Read more


Absolutely perfect.

That's how Broad Street Run race director Jim Marino summarized race day conditions, shortly after the first of the runners crossed the finish line at the Navy Yard.

"Cloudy, upper 50s, low 60s, absolutely perfect running conditions," Marino said.

The day so far has gone without a hitch, he said.

"The volunteers were out. The streets were properly marked," he said.

The first racers crossed the finish line in just over 47 minutes. All the runners were expected to finish the 10-mile race by 11:30 or so, Marino said.

Chakir Bouchaib, 26, a jewelry store worker from Philadelphia, finished in just over 53 minutes. It was his best time in three tries, and he was smiling inside all the way.

"It feels good," he said, still dripping with sweat. "It's the greatest feeling, makes me happy, and smile inside."

He hopes to make the Olympic trials some day.

Thousands of spectators lined the race route, including District Attorney Seth Williams, cheering racers on.

Henry Rutto of Kenya was the men's winner.

Esther Erb, 26, a professional runner from North Carolina, finished first among women, with a time of just over 55 minutes. She had placed fourth last year.

"It feels so much better to win," she said, holding her powder blue running shoes in her hand.

With the last of the runners coming through, race director Jim Marino reported three or four injuries - stomach ache, muscle pull, etc. - but nothing serious.

Traffic was tough, and runners had to walk further to their cars with the Sixers lot being shut for the playoffs, he said.

But all went well, he said.

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