Time is running out to nominate police officers for the 2007 George Fencl Award.

The deadline is April 30, so call or write letters or e-mails during the next six days to make sure your nominee is considered.

The award - now in its 23rd year and named for legendary Civil Affairs Inspector George Fencl - is given to an officer who daily brings honor, compassion, kindness and courage to the job.

Last year's winner was Officer Annamae Law. There were two runners-up, Capt. Brian Korn and Officer Dannie Percell.

Law was honored for selflessly looking out for prostitutes and drug addicts on the streets of Kensington and Fishtown.

Around 50 nominations have been received so far. They should be called in to Lorenzo Biggs at biggsl@phillynews.com or 215-854-5816.

One letter nominated a woman detective who worked on a case involving the victimization of dozens of elderly residents in South Philadelphia.

She "worked tirelessly through many evenings (even on her days off!) to bring the culprits to justice and restore some level of peace, dignity, sense of security and restitution to those victimized," the letter said.

Another letter nominated a cop - "a caring and compassionate man who addresses every concern brought to his attention no matter how big or how small."

Another nominee was a community relations officer who "serves a district that is perhaps one of the most diverse in South Division."

"He has a good knowledge of the many cultures he encounters on a daily tour. Because of this, he is liked by just about everyone including his fellow officers and commanders. His smile and laughter makes everyone comfortable around him."

One nominator told of a situation in West Philadelphia where more than 40 cars related to a car repair business were left on the street, "creating a serious traffic hazard."

After many unanswered complaints to L&I and the 19th District, the writer said, he was directed to a policewoman who "was totally in agreement that this was a serious quality of life/safety issue.

"I was greatly relieved that a community relations officer was sent out within mere days to work out the problem, and the first day had over twenty illegal vehicles towed."

The officer was nominated for the 22nd annual Fencl Award. *