The two songs below, penned by Jayson Verdibello, were inspired by his up-and-down relationship with Jocelyn S. Kirsch in 2006.

Kirsch, along with current boyfriend Edward K. Anderton, will be back in court Feb. 12 for a preliminary hearing. Philly's "Bonnie and Clyde" face charges of identity theft, burglary, making terroristic threats and other crimes.

Cops say they made fake driver's licenses and credit cards. Their alleged criminal ways paid for high-end chocolates, exotic getaways and the latest computers.


By Jayson Verdibello


You cast your eyes on me

Surrounding every inch of my body

In violet

It's everything I see

It's everything I wanted

It lies in you

I can't say just what it is about you

That keeps me short of breath

I wish I could explain it

But freezing my heart and all its beating

You do with just one glance

Enamored by your charms


And every time that you gaze right through me

I can't help but remember what it is about you

That keeps me grasping air for more

That keeps me wanting to become

A better man than I thought I could be


I can't deny the curves of your body

Or all the words you leave inside my lips

How can I say all the words I want to

When you paint the world in different hues of you?


(Behind Chorus):

You leave me absolutely breathless

With every passing second

And I don't want to ever breathe again

If it means losing your fixation

I'm caught inside elation

With just one kiss from you


By Jayson Verdibello

Don't give me your reasons for leaving

All of them just contradict

And don't go wasting your time with your regrets

Take them back

And I know all your problems, I can see them

Painted on your lips in black and white

Sweetie please explain to me how you go to sleep at night


And every time you looked in my eyes you said

And every time you whispered to me you said

And every time you told me you were right

But what you said

And all those times you swore you'd listen

All those memories don't seem to turn out right

So when you get in your bed with your new love

A superficial substitute for me

Don't pretend that I'm not worth more than he could be

And that I never gave you everything

And when you paint the world up in excuses

Seeing everything in black and white

Sweetie please explain to me how you go to sleep at night


Keep that acid tongue in your mouth

I'm much better than this.

(Chorus) *