Is more biker bloodshed yet to come in retaliation for an outlaw Pagan leader shot last week?

Authorities are monitoring biker activities to prevent more violence after Timothy "Casual" Flood, 46, the president of the Philly chapter of the Pagan Outlaw Motorcycle Club, was shot in the left leg and injured in his back last Thursday.

The mysterious incident has raised more questions than answers, though authorities believe that it was a local dispute among area Pagans.

Investigators were dubious of claims by Flood that he was wounded in a drive-by shooting in the parking lot of Fluke's Irish Pub, on State Street near Bleigh Avenue in the Northeast.

"There was no crime scene, no blood, no shell casings, no nothing," said an investigator. Nor were there police radio calls reporting gunshots in the area.

And no one inside Fluke's, a hangout for city, state and federal law-enforcement officers, reported hearing gunshots.

Flood's only known problem is his predecessor, Steven "Gorilla" Mondevergine, the burly former South Philly Pagans chapter president, who wants his old job back, according to knowledgeable sources. The two bikers have not spoken in the past year.

Last year, a Pagan pal called Mondevergine to turn in his "colors" - a denim vest denoting his rank as a chapter president - after he was kicked out of the club, one of at least four times he was ousted since early 2006, said sources.

"Why don't you and your fat friend [Flood] come and get them?" retorted Mondevergine, according to a source, who noted his club status went from "out" to "out bad."

Mondevergine had lost the confidence of Mother Club president David "Black Bart" Barbieto and vice president Floyd "Jesse" Moore, after holding unauthorized meetings with rival outlaw bikers - most recently, Warlock gang turncoats who joined the Outlaws, according to knowledgeable sources.

"He doesn't like being told what to do," said one of the sources.

Mondevergine was constantly arguing with Barbieto and Moore about Philadelphia Pagan activities. He wanted to be promoted. And he was also still upset that no action had been taken against gunmen who shot him nine times on Aug. 31, 1999, sources said.

Despite these tensions, Mondevergine showed up - without his "colors" - at the Pagans' mandatory meeting attended by Mother Club veep Moore on Jan. 19-20 at America's Best Inn, on Penrose Avenue near Moyamensing.

"People were making a big fuss over him," said a law-enforcement source. Mondevergine was observed talking with Pagans Daniel "Biggin" Boyce and John "Egyptian" Kachabalian.

"He's the comeback kid," said a biker source at the time.

"If they were so upset with him, there were enough people there - hundreds - to kick his ass and throw him out and take his colors," said another law-enforcement source. "He does have a heart problem, and he may not be able to get into a fight."

The last time law-enforcement sources saw Mondevergine in his "colors" was during the November 2006 toy run when bikers take Christmas presents to Children's Hospital. Later that month, Mondevergine led a pack of Pagans to the funeral of Derek Hale, of Manassas, Va., according to a biker source.

A recent federal civil lawsuit filed by Hale's family claimed the Pagan and ex-Marine sergeant, who served two tours in Iraq, was killed by Wilmington police and Delaware State Police.

Last Thursday after the shooting incident, police seized Flood's newly purchased truck and that of his companion, but found no evidence inside. The trucks were returned the next day, said police.

While doctors stitched Flood's back and treated his wound in the emergency room at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, about 25 Pagans showed up at the hospital, including the Mother Club veep, from West Virginia.

Investigators also noted that some South Philly Pagans did not show up at the hospital, raising questions of whether they were aligned with another faction.

"Was [Moore] in town to mediate or settle a dispute?" asked an investigator. "Usually national Pagan leaders show up on Fridays and Saturdays for meetings or parties, and he's here in the middle of the week."

After the Jan. 19 meeting, Moore later met with Pagans and Tribe members in Margate, said another law-enforcement source. *