A trolley operator who hit an ambulance in Darby Borough Tuesday night left the scene of the accident, apparently without considering how hard it would be to cover up his tracks.

"It's pretty bizarre that he could think he could get away from the scene," Darby Borough Police Chief Robert F. Smythe said. "It's hard for you to get away when you're on tracks."

Smythe said the accident occurred on Main Street near Ninth, near a trolley loop. An ambulance was parked in a traffic lane when the SEPTA trolley came down the street and tried to squeeze by the emergency vehicle, Smythe said.

The trolley sideswiped the ambulance and continued on, police said.

It wasn't hard for authorities to track down the offending hit-and-run vehicle. When approached and confronted by police, the trolley driver claimed he hadn't known that he'd struck the ambulance, Smythe said.

Police cited the driver for leaving the scene of an accident.

No one was injured in the crash. The only person taken to the hospital, Smythe said, was the person who was already in the ambulance, who did not have a life-threatening emergency.