MISTRESS Jade Vixen, a sexy former Ivy Leaguer and a self-proclaimed fan of sexual teasing and sissy-slut training, had high hopes for her relationship with a hotshot Manhattan attorney.

Those dreams were shattered late Sunday night when a purported former flame of Vixen, whose real name is Edythe Maa, ambushed the couple in a parking lot near her apartment on Ridge Avenue near Spring Garden Street, North Philadelphia, killing Anthony Ottaviano, 40, her beau, a leather-loving lawyer.

By yesterday afternoon, Maa, 27, a former engineering Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania who left in spring 2006, revealed her feelings on her Jade Vixen MySpace page.

Maa logged in and listed her mood as "numb," adding that Jade Vixen "is broken heartedly dreaming of a beautiful future never to come."

That future ended once the alleged shooter, David Krieg, 42, of West Chester, aimed his 9 mm handgun at Ottaviano as the couple left their car. He shot the lawyer once in the abdomen, said Sgt. William Gallagher, with the Philadelphia Police Homicide Unit.

Krieg, whose MySpace page has one picture of Maa pulling on a silver chain wrapped around his neck, then abducted Maa for a bizarre 4 1/2-hour car ride through Philadelphia, New Jersey and West Chester, according to a police source.

During the ride, Krieg made several phone calls to family and friends, the source said.

Gallagher said that during the calls "he indicated that he was going to inflict harm upon himself."

Maa felt threatened while Krieg was driving, he said.

The tall, tattooed and muscular man dropped Maa off at his parents house in West Chester, where Maa called 9-1-1 to say that her boyfriend had been shot, Gallagher said.

Krieg then headed to the Simon Pearce restaurant off Route 52, according to Philadelphia police and the West Chester Daily Local News.

Philadelphia police sent a patrol car to the parking lot where they found Ottaviano's body between two cars, Gallagher said. Ottaviano was pronounced dead at 4:52 a.m.

Back at the parking lot of Simon Pearce, Krieg - who, in his last entry to his MySpace page wrote that he was "pissed off!" and called his mood "devious" - barricaded himself in a silver rental car for a nine-hour standoff with West Chester police, the Daily Local News reported.

He then killed himself about 2 p.m. Monday with the same weapon that he had used to kill Ottaviano, the paper reported.

Maa could not be reached yesterday at her apartment. She purportedly hired a lawyer after receiving repeated media requests.

Maa denied to police that Krieg had been an ex-lover, saying he had been a friend for whom she had modeled, a police source said.

An ad featuring Mistress Jade Vixen, found on www.playtime411.com, highlighted her pleasures.

"I particularly enjoy sensual teasing and denial, rope bondage, sissy-slut training, dog training, tickle torture and corporal punishments of a traditional nature," she wrote in the ad. "I savor utilizing human toilets, ashtrays and trampolines."

The phone number listed on the ad was not for Vixen, and it was unclear how old the ad was or whether she was still for hire.

In one photo on Krieg's MySpace page, Jade Vixen is seen dressed in a form-fitting, black leather jumpsuit, black gloves and sky-high black heels and is squatting down with her legs open.

Krieg referred to Maa in the photo caption "as the greatest fetish model since Betty [sic] Page."

One of Krieg's MySpace friends who goes by the initials JV called him "a naughty slutboy" on Sept. 3, according to the page.

Both Maa's and Krieg's pages were shut down by mid-afternoon yesterday.

But not before one of Krieg's West Chester neighbors saw the site.

"I just heard what happened and looked at his MySpace page and was really surprised," said a neighbor, who asked not to be identified.

"I didn't think he would be the type of person that was into that stuff . . . he was always the nice guy on the block that I would see talking to the elderly man that lived across the street from him."

It is unclear how long Maa had been dating Ottaviano, 40, who worked in the litigation department at the law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison in midtown Manhattan.

"We're very saddened by what happened," said his boss, Jack Baughman, a partner in the firm. "We think it's a tragedy and we extend our condolences to Anthony's family." *