Although it seats only 15 to 20 people, police who raided the Caddi Lounge in North Philadelphia on Friday night found enough guns and ammunition behind the bar to "take over a small country," said Sgt. Ray Evers, a police spokesman.

The raid was one of several conducted during the first weekend of Operation Pressure Point, a seven-month law-enforcement initiative conducted by 17 local, state and federal agencies to combat crime in the city's 12 most violent districts.

From Friday afternoon through early yesterday, police arrested at least 67 people in raids on nuisance bars and in sweeps to enforce outstanding warrants.

Details of the operation's activity overnight Saturday were not available last night, but Evers said that overnight Friday, officers served 37 warrants, arrested 52 individuals and confiscated $167,000 worth of drugs and four handguns.

Partnered with state liquor enforcement and city Licenses and Inspections officers, city police and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided five bars Friday night into early Saturday, two of which were shut down for code violations, Evers said.

"All these bars were nuisance bars reported from the community and from past experiences with violence inside and outside of the bar," he said.

At the Caddi Lounge, at 25th and York streets, four people, including three employees, were arrested on drug and gun violations, police said.

Behind the bar, officers found two automatic handguns, two revolvers, a pump shotgun, an AK-47, an arsenal of ammunition and a "large quantity" of powder cocaine, crack cocaine, marijuana and an assortment of pills, Evers said.

"The weight, quantity and packaging of [the drugs] was enough to reflect that, as we believe it, they were actually dealing out of the bar," he said.

Raids at the remaining four bars netted three "miscellaneous" drug arrests, three active bench-warrant arrests and an arrest on a firearms violation, police said.

One of those bars, The Chill Spot, at 29th Street and Ridge Avenue, in North Philadelphia, was closed by Licenses and Inspections for technical issues, Evers said.

Cops will continue the raids and warrant sweeps between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. every weekend through October.

Preliminary data for Saturday's overnight activity showed that police arrested at least 15 people on warrants and raided four or five bars, one of which was closed for code violations that included lack of a food license and raw sewage in the basement, Evers said. *