Gay-porn star Taleon Goffney won't be making any new Internet videos with his twin brother anytime soon.

Instead, he'll be serving three to eight years in state prison for two February 2008 rooftop burglaries of businesses near 9th Street and Washington Avenue, in South Philadelphia.

"Thank you for your lenience in accepting my plea," Goffney, who was previously charged with similar burglaries and has been incarcerated since his February 2008 arrest, told Judge Lisa M. Rau in court yesterday. "These crimes won't be happening again."

Goffney yesterday pleaded guilty to two counts each of burglary and criminal conspiracy under a plea deal between his attorney, Michael F. Gushue, and Assistant District Attorney Caroline Keating.

As part of the agreement, Goffney, 27, identified his twin, Keyontyli, who is free on bail and attended the hearing, as a co-conspirator in the burglaries.

Keating alleged that Keyontyli Goffney, who is to appear in court Aug. 6 for his role in the burglaries, served as a driver and a lookout in the crimes.

During yesterday's proceeding, she and Gushue disagreed on the original terms of the plea agreement, which included a guilty plea with consecutive two-to-four-year sentences.

Attorneys later renegotiated the deal.

Afterward, Gushue said that he and Goffney, who, he said, plans to complete his college degree while incarcerated, were content with the outcome.

"I think he's had an epiphany," Gushue said. "He's a bright young man."

Other charges, including criminal trespass, receiving stolen property and possession of an instrument of crime, were dropped.

"[The sentence] was negotiated, so it's an appropriate sentence," Keating said, adding that because of his prior record, Goffney is sure to serve at least the minimum three years.

"I wish him luck. I hope he does turn his life around."

If Goffney's case had gone to trial, he could have faced a maximum of 40 years in prison. *