Former KYW-TV anchor/reporter Diane Allen ran for (and won) a New Jersey state Senate seat. And now that sources say former Fox 29 and KYW-TV anchor Dawn Stensland is pondering a congressional run in Delaware County, the Daily News has selected a dream slate of broadcasters who we'd like to see in office.

* For Pennsylvania attorney general, "Action News" reporter Dann Cuellar.

With his investigative prowess, Cuellar would be second to none in his relentless pursuit of the state's criminally inclined. Whether it's staking out a suspect's home for hours or speaking in one of an array of accents he's familiar with to make the accused feel comfortable, Cuellar's persistent skills will lead to a jump in arrests and televised perp walks.

Pennsylvania justice - Cuellar style

* For Common Pleas judge, retired NBC 10 reporter Mike Strug.

Strug reported on his share of crimes and seminal events in Philadelphia spanning a 40-year period, so nothing rattles this cool cat. He's seen it all, so he wouldn't be shaken by wild outbursts by defendants or lawyers, much less shaky testimony on the stand. His calm demeanor would rule the court.

* For Congress, we nominate NBC 10 anchor Renee Chenault-Fattah.

Not only is Chenault-Fattah a well-known Philly broadcaster, but she's also a lawyer, so . . . double trouble. We predict that she'd always be stylish in her role as congresswoman, serving food to the homeless on Thanksgiving or acting as the grand marshal of a local parade. Added bonus: politicking out of Washington would offer Chenault-Fattah and her two daughters with U.S Rep. Chaka Fattah, D-Pa., the chance to have more face time with the congressman. And vice versa. Win-win.

* For mayor of Philadelphia, "Action News" broadcaster Dave Roberts.

It's perfect timing for Roberts, who retires tomorrow from Channel 6 after 31 years with the station. Yes, he has a couple of years until the 2011 run, but he'll use this time wisely by building a Doppler radar at City Hall (the better to serve Philadelphia and Delaware Valley residents by providing accurate weather) and brushing up on the best way to slash a budget during economic downturns. His son, "Bones" actor David Boreanaz, will campaign for him and surely secure 75 percent of Philadelphia's female voters. Back to you, Jim.

* For Pa. governor, Ukee


Washington has the gravitas and the authoritative voice needed for a run at the governor's job. Just ask Gov. Rendell, who apparently has both. Back to Washington; wouldn't it be fun to have a governor who has an page? He was in a few watchable movies like "Signs," "Unbreakable" and "The Manchurian Candidate," which starred his cousin Denzel Washington. Finally, say it with us - Governor Ukee.