His love of Batman knew no bounds.

For one, Charles Nagle, aka Chaz Rose, named both his daughters after characters featured in "The Dark Knight" series: HarleyQuinn, 12, frequent accomplice and wannabe gal pal of the Joker, and Bat Girl, 11, one of the superhero's sidekicks.

Second, Nagle, of the Far Northeast, apparently often dresses up as Batman and has met Adam West, who played the caped crusader in the 1960s TV series, five times, he told the Northeast Times in 2005.

Phone pals and toy dealers called the 36-year-old husband and father a "Batman historian," according to the article.

"He thinks he's Batman," neighbor Catherine DeMasi said yesterday.

Well, America, Batman's in jail.

Nagle was arrested last Wednesday on a New York warrant and charged with stalking actress Kathryn Erbe, who plays Detective Alex Eames in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent." The show's season premiere was last night on the USA Network, and Erbe, who also had roles in the HBO series "Oz" and the Bill Murray comedy "What About Bob?" is expected to depart the series this season.

Nagle is being held at the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility pending an extradition hearing next Wednesday before Municipal Court Judge Frank Palumbo.

The Northeast Detectives warrant unit, accompanied by New York City cops, nabbed Nagle, 36, at his home on Glenfield Street near Patrician Drive, said Capt. Jack McGinnis.

Neighbor Cecilia McNulty told the Daily News last night that the cops had come to the house at least once before, but hadn't found Nagle.

Spokesman Sandy Silverstein with the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office confirmed the charges - aggravated harassment and two counts of stalking - but declined to discuss details of the case.

Nagle let loose his love in letters and e-mails to Erbe, 44, at her Brooklyn home and even visited the "Criminal Intent" set in New York and California, The New York Post reported yesterday.

His obsession was evident on his MySpace page, which showed his devotion to Erbe's show. (The page has since been taken down.)

Erbe, a mother of two who has been divorced since 2006, had kept abreast of the creepy correspondence and alerted NBC, the show's producers and private security to monitor "Chaz Rose," the Post said.

"He sent her letters of adulation for years about how much he loved her . . . he was totally obsessed," a source told the Post.

"It was a case of unrequited love."

That might have been news to his wife, Fay Rose, whose last name Nagle apparently adopted.

At Nagle's home last night, no one answered when a reporter knocked at the door. Two large stuffed animals - a monkey and a three-eyed fish - were inside a green Ford Taurus parked out front.

Nagle, a fan of the Facebook movie group "Love With The Proper Stranger," purportedly set off alarms when he wrote to Erbe's relatives about his passion for the actress, the Post said.

Erbe made a beeline to her local police precinct and the Brooklyn D.A.'s rackets division took it from there, Silverstein told the Daily News.

Nagle, a musician who once sang in the Philadelphia Boys Choir, is no stranger to the criminal-justice system. He pleaded guilty in 1996 to corrupting a minor, false imprisonment, simple assault, unlawful restraint and indecent assault, according to court records. It does not appear that he served time in jail.

Neighbors in his self-described "very tight" neighborhood were not surprised by news of Nagle's arrest. A few even chuckled.

When Nagle was a youngster, "he used to charge after his mother and his brother with a knife," said DeMasi.

Nagle, Rose and their daughters are known for keeping to themselves. Nagle pulled his daughters out of schools, purportedly because their names prompted teasing from other kids, said DeMasi, who has known Nagle since he was born. The girls are now home-schooled, but DeMasi said she believed he never graduated from high school.

Staff writer Christine Olley contributed to this report.


A story in Wednesday's Daily News misidentified the judge who will preside over an extradition hearing for Charles Nagle, the Far Northeast man wanted in New York City for allegedly stalking a TV actress. Municipal Court Judge Frank Palumbo will preside over the April 7 hearing.