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NEWBORN FLYERS FAN: Albert and Marisa DiSalvatore, both 29, of York - he's from Southwest Philly; she's from western Pennsylvania - are so orange-blooded that their newborn son, Keane Thomas, wears a Flyers onesie.

"My wife grew up loving the Pittsburgh teams," DiSalvatore said, "and always thought Philadelphia fans were obnoxious - until she met me. I was nervous when I asked for her hand in marriage, and her father joked that he was afraid I'd turn his little girl into a Philadelphia fan. I did."

DiSalvatore said his parents - season- ticket holders since 1970 - are such die-hards that, "My mom cried when they traded Bernie Parent, and my father wrote a

poem that he gave to Dorny [Gary Dornhoefer] after the overtime goal that won the '73 Cup quarterfinals.

"We live in York," DiSalvatore said, "but I still call my father immediately after every win, no matter the time - a superstition that started after the infamous five-overtime playoff win against the Penguins in 2000."

FLYERS HAT TRICK: "Twenty-two years ago, I walked into a bar with a girlfriend to watch a Flyers game," writes Donna Yerk of Hatfield. "I noticed the leather Flyers cap this guy was wearing and I had to tell him how much I liked it.

"Twenty-two years later, Jeff and I - Flyers fans since [the team's] inception - are married and have a daughter in college. The things hanging in Jeff's 'Man Room' span the decades since the last Flyers Stanley Cup, including a pennant that hung on my bedroom wall when I was a teenager.

"Jeff's brother and family live in the Chicago area, and the smack talk has begun. I would not be surprised if Jeff jumped into his truck and headed to Chicago so his brother could experience a little of the Philly Swagger that seems to be in the heart and step of every Flyers fan."

O DEM GOLDEN FLYERS: Joe "Burger" Kirlin, 42, of South Philly, threw a Game 4 rowhouse party for son Patrick, 8, and friends in which all the kids moon- bounced and played floor hockey while watching the orange-and-black beat the Canadiens.

"We hope the Flyers go all the way,"

Kirlin told Bully, "and we're preparing a Mummer-like celebration from Two Street to the parade route, with a brass band and umbrellas. We don't want to jinx the Flyers, so we'll get this together at the last minute."

BULLY WIMPS OUT: I was screaming with other manly men at Game 5 when I got hungry and saw a new Flyers treat: a hot dog wrapped in a sticky bun, topped with powdered sugar. I wimped out, imagining what it could do to my innards. Have any of you Flyered-up foodies digested that dog? How long did it take to regain consciousness?