The SEPTA board yesterday voted to increase the price of tokens by 10 cents and transfers by a quarter as of July 1, but not to raise the $2 base fare on buses, subways and trolleys.

Tokens, now $1.45, will rise to $1.55, and transfers, now 75 cents, will go to $1.

Weekly TransPasses, now $20.75, also will rise, to $22, and monthly TransPasses will rise from $78 to $83, the agency said.

Regional Rail fares also will go up, but less than originally planned.

Also, off-peak Regional Rail fares now offered before 7 p.m. on weekdays will be eliminated.

The fare increases, part of the fiscal year 2011 operating budget, average between 6 and 8 percent system-wide and are expected to generate about $20.7 million dollars for the budget.

The increases were needed, SEPTA said, because its dedicated funding from the state dried up after efforts to place tolls on Interstate 80 failed.

SEPTA said it followed the recommendations of the Pennsylvania Transportation Funding and Reform Commission, which suggests modest, periodic fare increases.