For the second time in his life, Craig Arno has been charged with murder.

Arno, 44, of Atlantic City, and Jessica Kisby, 24, of Egg Harbor Township, were both charged with murder yesterday after authorities in Atlantic County identified the remains of Martin Caballero.

Arno and Kisby were already charged with carjacking and kidnapping Caballero from the Trump Taj Mahal on May 21 as he parked his Lincoln MKS in the casino's parking garage. Authorities discovered Caballero's body in a farmer's field in Hamilton Township on Sunday. He had been stabbed multiple times in the chest.

Arno, who grew up in Overbrook Park, was charged in 1981 with the murder of a nurse on City Avenue while he was drag-racing. Just a teenager at the time, Arno's charges were reduced and he received probation.

For the last 30 years Arno has been in and out of federal, state and county jails all over the country for crimes that include counterfeiting and making a homemade weapon in prison.