John Wister Elementary School, in Germantown, got a makeover yesterday by a rowdy bunch of bodybuilder look-alikes - the Eagles.

While quarterback Kevin Kolb painted by the numbers, using his bubblegum-pink paint to fill in sections of a mural, Wister principal Donna Smith tried to keep herself from tearing up.

"It has been such a rewarding experience," Smith said. "I've already been crying. I had to go in and get Visine because it's so emotional."

As a part of the 14th annual Eagles Playground Build, about 500 Eagles employees, including players and coaches, 300 students and 100 volunteers helped paint inside and outside the school building, build two playgrounds and install a turf athletic field.

For one first-grader, the experience felt like an early birthday celebration. "It took me five minutes to get ready," said Isis Coleman, who will turn 7 on Wednesday. "I rushed because I was so excited to get here."

Quarterback Michael Vick said that he was ready to take a break from practices and get in a childlike mindset.

"You don't have a chance to come out and play every day," Vick said.

"I want to dig," he said after seeing his teammates planting trees.

Coach Andy Reid said that his players weren't there to think about football.

"We check the team at the door," he said. "We're human beings just like these children, and that's what we are today."

The playground has given children like Isis something to take pride in, Smith said.

And something for her to look forward to.

"One time I played on the monkey bars and fell, but I'm not scared to go on these," she said.