WEARING his orange heart on his sleeve last night among the 20,304 Flyered-up faithful at the Wachovia Center, Broad Street Bully wondered if Stacey Gatto and Anna Moore of South Philly - ushers in section 123 who hug and jump in unison after Flyers goals - could keep the peace between season-ticketholder Liz Fitchett of South Philly and hockey virgin Buddy Trala of Ocean City, Md.

"SHE TERRIFIES ME!": Trala had walked up to Gatto and Moore during Game 3, said it was his first hockey game (although he clearly wasn't working on his first beer), pointed to the grandmotherly Fitchett watching the game and exclaimed, "She terrifies me!"

Gatto and Moore gave him a look. "She must think I'm a Blackhawks fan," Trala said. "She yelled at me, 'I'll get you kicked out of here!'

"I bought this Flyers foam hand and this cheesesteak hat because I'm afraid of her. I think she's related to the Hanson Brothers [gooned-up stars of the classic hockey flick, "Slap Shot"]."

Fitchett said, "The beer lady's coming down the aisle, carrying all this heavy beer. This guy says to her, 'You got any cotton candy?' I told him to shut up or get out of here. Guy's got no class."

Gatto told Trala: "You're in South Philly. Just be nice." Last night, he wasn't there, and peace reigned in section 123.

FLOWERS FOR KATE: Janet Woj-narowski told Bully that she has spent $140 during the playoffs on flowers that she places in the hands of the Kate Smith statue before each home game - as she did last night.

"As a child, I started watching the Flyers with my grandparents on a small TV," she said. "My grandfather would be in his chair with his face pressed against the screen; my grandmother would be in bed behind him, listening to the game. He used to complain that the puck was so damn small, he couldn't see it. But he loved watching the Flyers."

TEETH LIKE LAPPY: Elizabeth Clark, 13 months, of Northern Liberties, has gaps between her baby teeth that remind her "Flyers nut" dad, Tom, of fearless forward Ian "Lappy" Laperriere, writes her mom, Amanda.

"We took Elizabeth to the Wachovia Center to watch Game 7 vs. Boston on the scoreboard screen," Amanda reports. "She might not know what's going on, but when she hears, 'Let's Go, Flyers!' she knows it's time to scream. She was the littlest and loudest fan there!"

NOSEBLEED DIE-HARD: Judi Simmons, 49, of St. Lawrence, Pa., who has been hooked since getting 1985 season tickets "in the nosebleed seats," sent a photo of her teeth blacked out to look like Flyers enforcer Dan Carcillo.

"We're a bunch of over-40 old farts who love our Flyboys!" Simmons wrote. "My boyfriend could pass for Chris Pronger's older (and balder) brother."