Former CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane, now a morning anchor at KNBC in Los Angeles, and NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen shared some e-mails that were released by CBS.

In his subject heading, Eisen asks, "What's going on" and continues in the e-mail "With my favorite Queen bee."

Lane: "was thinking about you. I'm good Just really busy.... and TIRED! HOW 'BOUT YOU? COMING TO PHILLY EVER?"

Eisen: "The closest I'm coming to Philly is two days in Pittsburgh next month. Wanna meet and create a scandal?"

About one month later, Eisen greets Alycia on Nov. 24, 2006, with "Happy Thanksgiving, hottie." He tries to get her to meet him in Pittsburgh in two weeks.

Lane: "lol. smooth."

Eisen: "If nothing else, I try to be ...."

Lane: "=) if at first you don't succeed ..."

Eisen: "I succeeded a little bit"

Lane: "yeh.... a little. =) wait ... what are you referring to?? Miami or work?"

Eisen: "Which one do you think??"

Lane: "I would guess Miami. =)"

Eisen: "We'll always have Karma."

Lane: "and the Astor Hotel restaurant."

Eisen: "And I love that you remember."

Lane: "yep ... right on the curb"

Lane is planning a trip to L.A. and asks him for restaurant recommendations and the best night to eat at the Sky Bar.

Eisen: "Jar is fantastic ... you are quite chic, Queenie. Wear something low cut and you'll fit in just fine around here. I think any night at the Sky Bar and you're good. Especially if I'm the arm candy."

Lane: "Will you be my arm candy at any point? Shall I be so blessed?"

Eisen: "If you're nice ..."

Lane: "I am always nice. I am sweet as pie."

Eisen: "I should be around for the Queen."

After he wonders what people would say if he flew into Philadelphia to sweep her away and some banter, Lane writes: "a little late, no? =)"

Eisen: My timing has never been right with you anyway.

Lane: I'm just glad you're in my life. =)

Eisen: "Never won't be. You're stuck."

Lane: "good. that makes me very, very happy."

Eisen: "I'm sweet on you, kid."

- Regina Medina