You'd never think that Ben Franklin would have trouble finding parking.

"Parking has always been a problem," said Ralph Archbold, the famous Franklin impersonator who is a fixture of the historic attractions in Old City.

But now, thanks to a few calls from the Daily News after a concerned friend contacted the newspaper, Archbold, 68, has a discounted space at a lot near his gigs.

Archbold, who had a stroke last year, said he would find parking wherever he could, but it was sometimes several blocks away from his events. He would also have to make trips to pay the meters.

His parking dilemma was solved after Historic Philadelphia Inc., which promotes and manages events at the city's historic sites, arranged for a reduced rate at an undisclosed lot.

"He was thrilled," Cari Feiler Bender, spokeswoman for Historic Philadelphia, said, adding that Archbold had never complained about the parking. "He's a very easy-going guy."

Archbold began his career as Franklin in 1973, nine years before he moved to Philadelphia. He was later dubbed the official Franklin for the city and has since been featured on a number of television shows, magazines and tourism commercials.

Every day at 11 a.m. at Franklin Court, Archbold tells stories under a mulberry tree. He also makes appearances at events around the city.

Archbold said that he was doing well and was grateful for the parking space.

"This is so great for me," he said. "They [Historic Philadelphia Inc.] took care of everything for me."