Superintendent Arlene Ackerman has gone back to the drawing board once again, announcing numerous changes to her administration and the elimination of the district's regional offices.

"This transformation is both essential and urgent if we are to accelerate achievement for all children and accomplish the goals of Imagine 2014," she said in a statement, referring to the district's five-year improvement plan.

Regional office facilities, which generally served as buffers between schools and the central office, will reopen this fall as parent- and family-resource centers designed to provide support services for parents.

Along with the changes to the regional offices, Ackerman has appointed three associate superintendents.

Tomas Hanna, Ackerman's former chief of staff who was recently given the job of associate superintendent of academics, will serve as the associate superintendent of academic support.

David Weiner, former chief of accountability, will become the associate superintendent of academics and curriculum.

Penny Nixon, once principal of Wagner Middle School and assistant and regional superintendent, will be associate superintendent of schools.

Eight people promoted to assistant superintendents will report to Nixon:

* Overseeing elementary schools will be Elois Dupree, former principal of the Spring Garden School; Pat Mazzuca, former principal of Juniata Park Academy; Anna Jenkins, former principal of the Cook-Wissahickon School; and Emmanuel Caulk, former assistant regional superintendent for the South Region.

* John Frangipani, currently chief of school operations, will become assistant superintendent for middle schools, while Linda Cliatt-Wayman, principal of the Young Women's Leadership Academy at Rhodes High School, will serve as assistant superintendent for high schools.

* Francisco Duran, former Central East Regional superintendent, will be the assistant superintendent for Promise Academies. Ben Wright, who currently serves as regional superintendent for alternative education, was named assistant superintendent for alternative education.

Ackerman also added Lisa Mastoon to her roster to serve as the chief of public information.

All of the positions will reportedly be paid more than $100,000, but Ackerman said that the changes would be "budget-neutral."