Not everyone calling 3-1-1 has a pothole to report. Here are some examples of the weirdest calls to the 3-1-1 center in 2010, provided by the city:

* A customer called on Election Day to complain that President Obama's name was not on the ballot.

* A customer called for help with cooking "something."

* A caller asked to tell the agent that Boscovs was having a great sale.

* A caller wanted an agent to diagnose a plumbing problem over the phone.

* A customer asked if the city could send someone to fix her television

* A man called repeatedly to ask "if the police had located his stolen Xbox yet."

* A caller warned the city that the United States was still under British rule and asked the mayor to do something about it.

* A caller asked an agent to find the prison location for "her boo."

- Catherine Lucey