Readers at the Daily Delco yesterday shared their stories on saving parking spots with chairs around the region, or having the spot they just spent two hours shoveling out stolen by someone else.

Come to today to tell us your tales of snow parking.

Walnut 82: Even in the 'burbs they save spots. What gives anyone the right to pull into a spot they clearly did not work hard to clear? It is flat out rude and wrong. It also shows how disrespectful and lazy people are these days that they think it is OK to take the spot. It is called character and a lot of people lack it in today's world.

Factsfirst: Just got home (apartment in N.J. with limited unassigned parking) and someone grabbed the space I shoveled out. So I grabbed an open shoveled space. What else can you do?

Bgrimes 24: Having moved from the Midwest to Philly a few years ago, I'm still dumb struck by this "right" people have to "save" spots. FYI: I'm the guy that moves your trash can. Deal with it.

Phillydog 17: People that save spots are selfish.

AreaMan: If you are going to save spaces, could you at least use something nicer? I don't feel like seeing the broken, rusted beach chair you bought in 1972 every time I look out my window for the next three months. . . . Yes, I get it, you spent 15 minutes shoveling your car out. So did I. You think I just drove my car up from Miami Beach, and did not have to dig out my car too?

bobk: If you park in a spot that you did not dig out, I hope you don't mind if I return all of the snow back into the spot while you're parked there.

Falls Ed: This is what happens when township managers and other local politicians are out of touch with reality and start making rules that make life harder for the average citizen. Citizens save their parking spaces because that is common sense; not because they own a parking space.