Dear Harry: I am at my wit's end! My father passed away in 1998 and left his entire estate to my mother. She died five years ago and her will left all of her estate equally to my brother and me. I was the primary caregiver to both of my parents. My brother is a captain in the Navy. One week before my mother's death, he changed all the locks on the home where she and I had lived for 30 some years. He then proceeded to take all of her possessions and mine. Mother had a house full of very precious antiques from my father's travels around the world. She also had a beach house in New Jersey which I refurbished for her so we could live there in the summer. He sold this property and pocketed the proceeds and is hiding behind his position in the Navy. My lawyer got a judge to order him to appear in court, but he ignored it. He was cited for contempt and ignored that, too. My lawyer is ready to give up. Do you have any suggestions for me to get what's mine?

What Harry says: Has your lawyer been in touch with the legal authorities in the Navy? I don't think they would like a high-ranking officer who ignores the orders of a court. I feel certain that your congressman is able to help get the Navy to put his toes to the fire.

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