IN ITS GLORY DAYS as a burlesque house, the Trocadero Theatre in Chinatown ran ads describing performers like Shanda Lear ("lights up our stage"), Lynn Oleum ("she'll floor you"), Jerri Toll ("for men with tired blood") and Della K. Tessen ("a delicious platter").

Yesterday, the Troc, on Arch Street near 10th, a former strip joint that started as an opera house and is now a venue for grunge bands, described itself as bankrupt and specifically asked for protection from Ticketmaster.

Its operators, Joon Associates Inc., and president Joanna Pang filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in federal court in Philadelphia, seeking a "breathing spell" from creditors.

Joon called its contract with Ticketmaster "burdensome" and said other ticketing agencies don't require "the same high convenience charges and processing fees."

A Ticketmaster representative could not be reached for comment.