WHO COULD be the next 76ers mascot? Here are suggestions from Peter Mucha of the philly.com Breaking News Desk:

* The Valley Forger. He's a blacksmith with a hammer like Thor

- and part-time counterfeiter.

* Buttsy Ross. A big-horned goat who bumps into players who

don't bust it.

* Scars and Stripes. Big wounded tiger. Grrr.

* Duck Laration. He quacks for independence with his Bill of

Rights (and looks nothing like an amphibious vehicle).

* Billy Pennguin! Come on! Cute! Wholesome! Philly! Dresses

like a Quaker.

* The Mummy-er. Bandage-covered banjo player makes big

entrance from a coffin.

* Mobster Lobster. Has a little sidekick called Crab Fries.

* Zom B. Franklin. He got torched flying a kite, and now he's the

living dead.

* Crocky! He's a crocodile with boxing gloves! Strike up the

movie-theme music and invite Stallone to a sparring match!

And that's skipping pretzels, cheesesteaks, Fighting Filly, a rooster called John Han Cock, and Manute Bol Weevil.