A BRITISH TOURIST who died in search of the perfect body, a pregnant woman and her unborn child who were beaten to death outside traffic court and a KYW traffic reporter slain by a butcher-knife-wielding bicyclist were among the city's more notorious deaths this year. Here's a look back:

* Feb. 7: Tovoyia Owens, 21, was killed along with her unborn child when she was beaten to death outside of Philadelphia Traffic Court in broad daylight. Walter Williams, 26, is awaiting trial on third-degree murder charges for the beating, which was allegedly spurred on by an ongoing dispute he had with Owens' boyfriend.

* Feb. 7: Claudia Seye Aderotimi, 20, an aspiring artist from England, died after receiving an illegal buttocks injection at an airport hotel that was allegedly administered by a transgender singer named Padge Victoria Windslowe. Windslowe, whose stage name is Black Madam, remains free. Police are awaiting Aderotimi's autopsy results before moving forward with the case.

* May 21: Charles Fricker, 52, an insurance salesman and part-time traffic reporter on KYW-1060, was getting out of his car to visit insurance clients in Olney when a bicyclist with a butcher knife stabbed him twice in the chest during a robbery, according to police. Cops cornered the bicyclist, who was identified as Eric Radcliff, 22, and shot him dead after three blasts with a stun gun failed to stop him from lunging at officers.

* June 26: Carl Sharper, 43, a father to two young girls, was shot and killed inside the Genesis Tavern in Nicetown by Wayne James, 45, who returned to the bar and shot it up after he was booted from the place for smoking, according to police.

* Aug. 15: Corey White, 22, was shot and killed Aug. 15 in West Philadelphia, just hours after his ex-girlfriend was held for trial on charges that she sought a hit man on her Facebook page to kill White. Police said White was killed because he tried to sell a large quantity of poor-quality marijuana to two men, but there has yet to be an arrest.