SO, ONE DAY you're just a bunch of regular SEPTA workers toiling away at 1234 Market St., and the next you're the Fortunate 48 who raked in the $172 million Powerball jackpot.

Surely, your heads are spinning, buzzing over the possibilities of what all that loot can do.

Never fear! We here at the Daily News have a handful of suggestions on where to put your money:

1 Chrome rims for all buses to, you know, class up the joint.

2 A 20-story Ralph Kramden statue for the old Disney Hole at 8th and Market.

3 10 more years of Cole Hamels.

4 Febreeze to spruce up some of the stank lingering in too many stairwells. Lots and lots of Febreeze.

5 Free TransPass day at the Flyers' next home game (20-token packs are too dangerous).

6 3.127 local newspaper companies. What a bargain at $55 million a piece!

7 The 3,000 tickets left on StubHub for the Phillies game in Washington next Friday, just to stick it to the Nationals' "Take Back the Park" campaign meant to keep out Phils fans.

8 Oh, and pick yourself up somethin' nice.