THE MADE IN AMERICA concert festival is barely over, and already people want to know whether the two-day event outside the Art Museum will be back next year.

So far, it's too soon to say. Mayoral spokesman Mark McDonald said that Mayor Nutter was interested in doing something like this again but that the two sides would have to chat.

McDonald called the massive event - the first private concert on the Ben Franklin Parkway - a success.

"I think the event organizers had a well-planned event, and I think the city did the kind of event planning we're quite skilled at," McDonald said.

As the dust settles on Made in America, a few more facts worth noting:

* Despite rampant speculation that violence could be a problem, there were no major arrests, and no one tried to scale the barricades around the venue. Just one person was arrested for trying to steal a beer from a stand, police said.

* There's still no information available on how much the event cost the city. Nutter said before the concert that promoters would pay the "lion's share" of the expenses, but declined to provide more details. McDonald said the city would release numbers soon.

- Catherine Lucey