"THE BLACK Madam" offered two types of illegal booty enhancements - bubble butts and teardrops - but what the transgender gothic hip-hop artist gave to one British tourist was death, according to court testimony.

The Black Madam, whose real name is Padge Victoria Windslowe, was held for court Wednesday following her preliminary hearing for murder and related offenses in the February 2011 death of Claudia Aderotimi, 20.

Theresa Gymfi, 22, of London, England, testified about two trips she and Aderotimi made to Philadelphia to get silicone injections in their buttocks from Windslowe, 42, whom they knew only as "Lillian."

They were introduced to Windslowe by New Jersey resident Scheffe "Sasha" Wilson, whom they met online, Gymfi said. Wilson arranged the enhancement sessions at the Hampton Inn near the airport and charged the girls a $300 referral fee each time.

Wilson allegedly told the girls that Windslowe was a nurse practitioner, even though she has no medical license or training.

Aderotimi and Gymfi first came to Philadelphia for the injections in November 2010.

"Lillian asked us if we'd like a bubble butt or a teardrop," Gymfi said.

She said they chose bubble butts and Windslowe injected the girls several times in the buttocks and covered up the wounds with cotton balls and Krazy Glue.

Each paid around $2,500, she said. Neither experienced ill effects from the first session, so when they returned for a friend's birthday trip in February 2012, they scheduled a touch-up with Windslowe through Wilson.

The girls stayed at the same hotel, and the procedure went down the same way, Gymfi said.

They requested teardrop buttocks, and each paid Windslowe $1,800 for four shots in each cheek and $300 to Wilson for the referral, Gymfi said.

However, this time after the injections, Aderotimi began experiencing chest pains and had trouble breathing, Gymfi said.

By the time an ambulance was called, both Windslowe and Wilson were long gone, Gymfi said.

Aderotimi was taken to Mercy-Fitzgerald Hospital, where she was dead within 10 hours.

Delaware County Medical Examiner Fredric Hellman testified that Aderotimi died of a pulmonary embolism due to an injection of food-grade silicone.

This was Windslowe's second preliminary hearing this year. In May, she was held for trial on assault charges after an exotic dancer testified she had to be hospitalized following an injection from Windslowe.