HERE ARE the steps Olde City Paranormal investigators take when investigating paranormal claims, according to the group's co-founder Officer John Levy:

Verifying a claim: Investigators look at the complainant's claims and their backgrounds before an investigation. "Everyone watches the TV shows and everyone thinks their houses is haunted."

Debunking a claim: Once the investigators take on a case, they try to discover natural explanations for perceived paranormal phenomena. Does a door keep closing on its own? The investigators will check it with a level. "Eight or nine times out of 10, most haunts are debunkable," Levy said.

Validating a claim: The investigators usually visit each scene at least twice to confirm their findings. "There's no way you can make any determination without a couple investigations," Levy said.

Determining the type of haunt: If the complainant's claims are substantiated, the investigators try to determine whether a haunt is residual or intelligent. A residual haunt does not interact with anything around it and seems to repeat itself, time after time. An intelligent haunt can physically interact and communicate with the living.

- Stephanie Farr