DID YOU REALLY think John Bolaris would let the world end without getting justice?

On the last full day of life as we know it - according to the Mayan calendar, at least - the headline-grabbing local ex-weatherman rejoiced in the convictions of the masterminds behind the Miami Beach "bar girls" scam that bilked him out of $43,000.

"It's finally over. Justice has been served," J-Bo told the Daily News Thursday after the conviction of Stanislav Pavlenko, Albert Takhalov and Isaac Feldman on conspiracy, wire-fraud and money-laundering charges following an 11-week federal trial in Miami.

The Miami Herald reported that the fraudsters were immediately taken into custody and that court officers had to separate them from their relatives.

"I can look forward with great anticipation to 2013 and perhaps one day being back on TV forecasting the weather back in your living rooms," Bolaris said.

In the spring of 2010, Bolaris was targeted by the so-called B-girls racket, which was organized by a Russian mobster and used hot Eastern European women and lots of booze to fleece men out of hundreds of thousands of dollars through bogus credit-card charges for caviar and champagne.

Bolaris, 55, has described the blue-eyed women as "very cutesy" and "the kind of girls you'd like to marry." Instead, he said, they slipped him a roofie and left him hanging with a five-figure surprise on his American Express statement. He also was duped into paying $2,480 for a painting at the Caviar Bar.

Last week, Bolaris appeared on the "Dr. Phil" show with his fiancee, Erica Smitheman - to whom Bolaris recently proposed live on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show - and discussed the loss of his job at Fox 29 and media coverage of his Florida nightmare, including a report that he'd defecated in his pants while passed out.

Bolaris said that never happened.