SENSELESS violence and "dumbass" ideas by the National Rifle Association are high on the list of things that get Mayor Nutter fired up. Here's a look at some of his famous A-bombs.

*  "I'm not gonna let some little assh--- 16-year-old who had a beef with somebody a month ago up in Germantown negatively impact the image of the city," Nutter said after a teenager shot two other teenagers on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway during the Fourth of July celebration this year.

*  "I'm very proud and appreciative that the Philadelphia Police Department and the U.S. Marshals were able to snatch that little assh--- up last night within 24 hours of some of the most heinous, egregious activity we've seen in this city in recent times," said Nutter after a man shot and killed three teenage boys in January in Juniata Park who arrived in a car to beat up his stepsons. "If you want to be an idiot, if you want to be an assh---, if you want to be a lowlife in this town, we will track you down like the dog that you are, catch you and you will be subject to every possible penalty that the laws allow."

*  "I don't care what your economic status is in life, you don't have the right to beat somebody's ass on the street! None!" That was Nutter's response to a question raised last year by the Daily News after groups of roving youth had attacked people in Center City.

* Last week, Nutter slammed the National Rifle Association's suggestion that schools should have armed guards to prevent another massacre like the one in Newtown, Conn., that left 28 dead including 20 children.

"I guess out of last week's bizarre press statement - it wasn't a press conference - I guess that Mr. LaPierre would say that firefighters need to have armed guards go with them. I think it just shows that that was a completely dumbass idea from the start with the announcement last week," Nutter said on MSNBC, according to Politico.