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City worker violates Board of Ethics rules

DHS employee pays $450 fine for political activity.

DAVID KRAIN, a social worker in the city's Department of Human Services, will pay the Philadelphia Board of Ethics a $450 fine for violating a 63-year-old charter that prohibits some city employees from participating in political endorsements.

According to an agreement released by the board yesterday, Krain was fined for political activity from 2009 to 2014, which included: taking part in a get-out-the-vote campaign, notarizing financial documents for politicians and recommending a consultant to help with a 2011 judicial campaign.

The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter restricts certain employees from participating in political activity to be sure that government operates "fairly and effectively."

J. Shane Creamer, executive director of the Board of Ethics, said city employees participate in a mandatory ethics-training course to make sure that they are aware of the rules.

The fine is typically $300 for each violation, according to the agreement. But the amount was cut in half for each count in Krain's settlement for "cooperation," which Creamer said is not unusual.

The enforcement staff was made aware of the potential violations earlier this year, Creamer said. The board determined that Krain had violated the ethics rules last month and reached a settlement with him. When asked what political candidates Krain assisted, Creamer said he couldn't say.

Krain did not return calls for comment.