THE 2016 Democratic National Convention is expected to bring big crowds and big bucks into Philadelphia. Here's some projections based, in part, on numbers from the 2008 convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention held here in 2000:

* More than 11,000 hotel rooms within Center City are almost certain to fill up.

* Overflow visitors are expected to book an additional 20,000 or so rooms in hotels within a 10 to 15-mile radius around Center City.

* An estimated 50,000 attendees, made up of 50 state delegations, the District of Columbia, and at least five U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, will flow into the city.

* The city could see a boon of $200 million in direct economic impact and more than $400 million in indirect economic impact.

* Number of cheesesteaks consumed? Lots.

Source: Ira Rosen, an assistant professor at Temple University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, who specializes in event planning.