Think again.

That's the message state Attorney General Tom Corbett wants to send to those who consider buying a gun for a felon, otherwise known as straw purchasing.

Corbett, along with District Attorney Lynne Abraham and Chief Inspector Jose Melendez, yesterday announced an anti-gun-violence program called "Think Again: Gun Violence and Straw Purchasing."

The program is an educational DVD featuring interviews with Abraham, Temple University Hospital trauma surgeon Dr. Amy Goldberg and Shirley Boggs, of Mothers United Through Tragedy.

"We will be offering this program free of charge to any high school, church, community group or organization that would like to help us put an end to this violence not only in Philadelphia but anywhere across Pennsylvania," Corbett said.

"Too many parents have lost their children, too much blood has been shed, too many lives have been shattered, all through senseless acts of violence," Corbett said.

"We all know that we need to stop putting guns in the hands of criminals."

After Corbett announced the Think Again program, Abraham announced 13 more arrests for straw purchasing by the anti-gun-violence task force.

Those arrested were: Jonathan Lopez, 25, of Akron Street near Knorr; Derrick Harrison, 36, of 21st Street near Spencer; John Venturino, 41, of Olive Avenue in Horsham, Montgomery County, Duewa Freeman, 26, of 33rd Street near Turner and Michael Downing, 27, of 10th Street near Norris.

Also, Woodie Marcus, 42, of Roosevelt Boulevard; Francis Cella, 27, of Susquehanna Avenue near Cedar Street; Macangelo Tillman, 35, of Brockton Road near 76th Street; Andre Christy, 28, of 51st Street near Regent; Bobby McGill, 24, of 49th Street near Reinhard; Jamie Bennett, 22, of Ditman Street near Rhawn; Latrice Hutt, 25, of Pacific Street near Broad; and a 14-year-old boy from Northeast Philadelphia whose name is being withheld because of his age.

For more information on the "Think Again: Gun Violence and Straw Purchasing" DVD, visit the attorney general's Web site at


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