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Cops: Suspected shoplifters leave baby behind in Cherry Hill Wegmans

When Cherry Hill Police nabbed two suspected shoplifting suspects running from the Wegmans supermarket they didn't expect to find an infant in the cart they left behind in the store.

But police say that's exactly what happened and charged a Delaware and Pennsylvania woman in connection with the crime, as well as turning the eight-month old baby over to a family member.

Events began about 7 p.m. Sunday night, police say, when they were called to the Wegmans on Route 70 over a shoplifting incident reported by the store.

Store employees told police that two women had attempted to hide goods in a shopping cart which also held a baby boy. The women fled when confronted by store security. However, they left behind the cart with the allegedly stolen goods, as well as the baby.

Police quickly found the women in the parking lot and arrested them.

Kristi Kline, 24, of the 100 block of Lloyd St. Wilmington, Del., was charged with child endangerment, possession of heroin, possession of a syringe and receiving stolen property. She was placed in Camden County Jail in Camden.

Kline's baby was taken to police headquarters and given to the custody of a family member.

Christine Frater, 30, of the 200 Block of W. Locust Ave., Carlisle, Pa. , was charged with shoplifting, heroin possession possession of a needle and possession of stolen property.  She was released pending an Oct. 16 court hearing.