Cole Hamels has one hope: that Phillies fans don't wake up tomorrow thinking he is greedy.

That said, the left-hander made it very clear today that he feels disrespected with the $500,000 salary the Phillies renewed his contract at today.

Calling it a "low-blow," Hamels said he was "caught off-guard" with the gap between what he and agent John Boggs felt was a fair reward for his performance last season, when he went 15-5 with a 3.39 ERA and 177 strikeouts.

Hamels also said that he will likely remember the perceived slight down the road.

"They do want to keep you happy, and that will affect down the line with certain things that come up because you can't just all of a sudden throw everything out at (a player) at the last second and think that's really going to make him happy," Hamels said, "because he's still got check marks for what they didn't do in the years before."

Hamels said he was seeking a couple hundred thousand dollars more than the Phillies offered.

"I felt like it wasn't necessarily equal compensation for what I do and for what I can do," Hamels said.

Stay tuned for more on this. . .