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Police investigate violent clash between suspects, officers

A police chase ended violently last night when cops pulled over a car in Hunting Park on North Second Street near Lippincott, after a shooting had been reported nearby. Fox29, hovering in a helicopter overhead, caught the confrontation on tape; it shows police officers stomping, kicking and beating the men from the car.

D. Scott Perrine, an attorney representing Dwayne Dyches, one man pulled from the car, along with Dyches' relatives called it a brutal attack by cops.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey who saw the video, said, "On the surface it certainly does not look good, regarding the amount of force that was used. But a full investigation is underway."

A man cops believe is the shooter fled from the car, but all three men in the car were apprehended and charged with aggravated assault and related offenses, Ramsey said.

Police took all three suspects to Temple University Hospital for treatment of their injuries. The nature and extent of their injuries is unknown at this time because the three suspects remain in custody and family members said they've been unable to see them.

Scott Perrine, the attorney representing all three men, said he was permitted to see one of the men, Dwayne Dyches, 24, at the hospital early this morning. Perrine said his client had a baseball-sized welt on his forehead, multiple scrapes and bruises, and he was barely conscious.