Opposite day

Was it me or did I just watch the Bizarro Eagles? Or did the Eagles and Giants decide to switch uniforms before the game for some sort of alternate jersey day?

An Oscar for Marty

Run West Run. I loved that offensive game plan.

Every time Marty [Mornhinweg] calls the plays, the offense is consistent and marches the field.

When this season have we moved the ball that consistently down the field? Beautiful.

That game was more lopsided than the score showed in the end.

My only complaint . . . Why the Prevent D? Prevent D only prevents you from winning.

Running commentary

Anyone notice how the reason for the win was because we stuck with the run despite the first 6 carries going for 4 yards? And by the fourth quarter we were breaking off 13-yard runs?

Anyone notice how not tying the success of the entire offense to whether or not McNabb gets in a "rhythm" at the beginning of the game paid off in the end? He still short-armed some passes and had is usual miscues and inaccuracies, but the runs kept the drive alive. McNabb, of course, overall had a good game, making plays.

Anyone notice how our defense was so fresh at the end because of the massive time-of-possession advantage we had as a result of running the football?

Anyone notice the fact that the Eagles can run on anyone, even the vaunted Giants defensive line?

Anyone notice how the Eagles O-line seemed to get more into it as more runs were called, consistently pushing back and beating up on the Giants D-line as the game wore on?

Anyone notice how the Giants seemed to just wear down by the end of the game like a team that had received too many body blows?

Thank you, Eagles coaching staff for calling a good game.

Shoot themselves in foot

Philly was the desperate team today, and it showed. However, just like the Cleveland game, this loss can be beneficial in the long run. I think what everyone realized after today's game is that as far as Eli has come, Gilbride needs to realize that running the ball is the best option when there are wind gusts over 70 m.p.h. The game reminded me of last year's matchup with Washington, a lot - especially the 4th-and-1 spread play (yikes). Since the Giants are likely heading for a bye and a divisional game at home, let's hope Mother Nature throws us a bone.

Also, this team will miss Plax. I like the way Smith, Hixon, etc. have stepped up, but with Plax, the Giants probably win the game. He absolutely shreds the Eagles.

L.J. Smith was A-OK

The offense was so dominant today that even L.J. put up a huge game. (Somebody must've told him that there was only four games left to earn himself another hefty contract!)