FORMER PLAYBOY PLAYMATE Kendra Wilkinson has a suggestion for the Eagles if they're serious about making the playoffs: Get the ball to Hank Baskett more.

Actually, Wilkinson's exact words this week on a podcast for Fox's "Best Damn Sports Show" was that quarterback "Donovan [McNabb] needs to throw the fade to my man more."

Wilkinson, who is engaged to Baskett, took a break from her normal gig as Hugh Hefner's third gal pal on the E! Network's reality show "Girls Next Door." She discussed the couple's first tiff due to her being a diehard Chargers fan and talked about how she wants to meet John Madden, but the portion of the podcast that pertains to Eagles fans was her take on the offense.

"They need to get it to Hank more. He's kind of like a Plaxico Burress kind of player. He's tall and he can jump high," Wilkinson said. "Donovan needs to throw the fade a little bit more to my man. He throws the fade to the wrong man. He always tries to throw it to [wideout] Kevin Curtis and it never happens. Every time he throws it to Hank, it happens. I don't know why they don't do it to him every time. He can jump over anybody."

One wonders if Wilkinson noticed that the problem isn't McNabb's lack of fades thrown to Baskett, but the fact that McNabb has a hard time throwing the fade, period.

Should Baskett snag a touchdown from McNabb - fade or otherwise - his future Mrs. told "BDSS" that a unique end-zone celebration already has been planned. "I told him - after the proposal - if you get a touchdown, I want you to get down on one knee and propose the ball to me."

A parting shot

When asked how it felt to eclipse the franchise record for most field goals in a season, Phil Dawson, kicker of the 4-10 Cleveland Browns, said: "There's an old saying back in Texas that says, 'You know that white speck on top of chicken poop? It's still chicken poop.' " Well, at least he's honest. *

- Kerith Gabriel

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