THE FLYERS ARE in the Stanley Cup finals, which can only mean one thing: The Craigslist crazies are on the power play.

Remember the female Phillies fan who tried to trade sex for World Series tickets? Well, she either isn't into hockey, or she learned her lesson. As of last night, no such offers had been made.

However, someone in Phoenixville posted the following: "Help! I am a dedicated Flyers' fan and my wife will not let me buy tickets. I am willing to trade her washer and dryer for two tickets to Games 3 or 4 in Philadelphia. They are a GE top-load washer and electric dryer, less than 5 years old, in perfect condition. E-mail me if you are interested and I will send a picture."

He didn't say if the photo would be of himself, his wife or the appliances.

Other posts offer Phillies and Eagles tickets in exchange for Stanley Cup finals tickets. Not surprisingly, no one has offered Sixers tickets.

One Chicago resident with tickets posted an ad under the heading "Want to see the Flyers lose Game 1 in person?"

We have a better idea. How about if he shows up at Frankford and Cottman after the Flyers win?

There are Flyered-up ads for more than just tickets - people are selling everything from autographed jerseys (an Eric Lindros valued at $500), to autographed sticks and pucks.

If you hurry you can get a pair skates allegedly worn in a game by Flyer Riley Cote. Just $150. To drum up interest, the seller wrote the following sales pitch: "Think of how many fights he had while wearing these skates."

One of the few people not out to make a buck on the series was Steve from Montreal. He was no doubt crushed when the Flyers defeated his beloved Canadiens in their best-of-seven Eastern Conference finals. But that didn't stop him from giving props to the Flyers and their fans.

"I just wanted to say congratulations to the Flyers for a great hockey series against the Habs. You folks should be proud. I will be rooting for you, as I am sure many Montreal fans will be doing the same."

Send that man a cheesesteak wit.

- Tom Mahon

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