The last 11 games for the Phillies and Flyers have gone in completely opposite directions. It's a big explanation why the Flyers are three wins from a Stanley Cup and the Phillies have just two more wins than last-place Washington. Here's a look at each team's last 11:

Won-lost: Phillies: 2-9. Flyers: 8-3

Runs/Goals: Phillies: 14. Flyers: 37

Opp. Runs/Goals: Phillies: 50. Flyers: 22

Shutouts: Phillies: 1. Flyers: 4

Times shut out: Phillies: 5. Flyers: 0

Perfect games: Phillies: 1. Flyers: 0

Ryan Howard home runs: 1

Chase Utley home runs: 0

Simon Gagne goals: 7

Ville Leino goals: 5