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Happy Mother's Day from CBS

Also in Tattle: Thinko before you "Cinco"; Chuck Berry gets Swede award, former Fed chair writes book.

CBS's "48 Hours" tomorrow night will air parts of a haunting voice mail recorded during the last minutes of a young woman's life as she was murdered, although the victim's mother says she wishes the show wouldn't.

Well, Happy Mother's Day to her.

The crime series focuses on the 2012 slaying of Weight Watchers executive Danielle Thomas by her live-in boyfriend, lawyer Jason Bohn, in New York. During Bohn's trial, it was revealed that Thomas' phone recorded a four-minute message that includes her screams and pleas for her life.

At one point she says, "Jason, I love you," and there are seven seconds of silence - except for a barking dog - possibly the moment she was strangled.

The recording was played during Bohn's trial earlier this year but hasn't been heard publicly outside the courtroom. CBS requested a copy through the Freedom of Information Act because its contents were crucial to the jury's deliberations and were used by both the defense and prosecution, said Susan Zirinsky, senior executive producer of "48 Hours."

"Hearing it is pretty chilling," Zirinsky said.

Janie Thomas Bright, the victim's mother, said she made it a point to leave court when the recording was played during the trial. Bright, who was interviewed by "48 Hours," doesn't want to hear it on television, either.

"My mother and I begged them not to use it," Bright said. "But once the trial was complete it was in the public record."

Bohn was convicted and sentenced to life in prison last month.

* As news reporting becomes further merged with entertainment reporting and the need to become Internet click bait, we're seeing more apologies from "news" shows.

Lara Spencer this week apologized for referring to Cinco de Mayo as "Cinco de Drinko" on a "Good Morning America" segment - while wearing a sombrero, holding a margarita and mentioning that the holiday was the biggest day of the year for margarita sales.

She tweeted a day later that she got a little carried away and was sorry for the segment.

But here's the thing: Cinco de Mayo is believed to be the biggest day of the year for margarita sales. Spencer's reporting was correct. It was equating the holiday with a Mexican frat party that got her in trouble. If Jimmy Kimmel had made a Cinco de Drinko joke it would have passed without notice. Comedians can get away with that stuff because they're . . . comedians.

A quasi-news program, however, shouldn't be cracking wise about a day celebrating a victory by the Mexican army, even though TV has long turned Memorial Day weekend into a commercial for the barbecue industry . . . and St. Patrick's Day into a drunken street fair, Presidents Day into the day to buy discounted mattresses and Thanksgiving into the day we trample one another to get deals at the mall.

* Since we're in a curmudgeonly mood today, here's another story that sticks in our craw:

Brothers David and Jason Benham have been canned by HGTV before their upcoming real-estate show, "Flip It Forward," made it to air, after the lobbying group Right Wing Watch labeled David an "anti-gay extremist."

HGTV spokeswoman Audrey Adlam refused to say why "Flip" was canceled - but come on.

"With all of the grotesque things that can be seen and heard on television today you would think there would be room for two twin brothers who are faithful to our families, committed to biblical principles and dedicated professionals," the Benhams said in a statement. "If our faith costs us a television show, then so be it."

Here's where it gets murky for Tattle. It's not the Benhams' "faith" (a/k/a Christianity) that cost them the show - there are many Christians working on HGTV as there are on virtually all TV shows and most businesses. It was the Benhams' interpretation of Christianity, and their public opposition to the rights of others, that got them into hot water. Right Wing Watch said David Benham led a prayer rally in 2012 to "stop homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation" and he publicly supported passage of a North Carolina constitutional amendment that defined marriage as between a man and a woman.

News flash: Gay people work in TV, too, and they kinda feel uncomfortable if "the talent" views them as second-class citizens.

Sure, Benham is entitled to his opinion and if the brothers don't want to renovate a house for a gay couple, the present Supreme Court would probably say that's OK. But HGTV is owned by a publicly traded company and as a business decision, that company might feel it's a bad move to tick off gay viewers on a station focusing on home improvement, gardening, craft and remodeling.


* Rock legend Chuck Berry and opera director Peter Sellars have been awarded the 2014 Polar Music Prize, Sweden's most prestigious award for musicians.

The laureates will each receive $154,000 (a million kronor) from King Carl XVI Gustaf at a ceremony in Stockholm on Aug. 26.

The award was founded by late ABBA manager Stig Anderson and is typically shared by a pop artist and a classical musician.

Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve board, has a book deal worth at least $1 million.

Bernanke's agreement is with W.W. Norton & Co. for a currently untitled book that will cover his Fed response to the economic crisis. It's scheduled for 2015.

Haven't we all seen his response to the economic crisis?

Bernanke's literary representative, Washington attorney Robert Barnett, previously brokered a seven-figure deal for Bernanke's predecessor at the Fed, Alan Greenspan.

Who buys these books?

And why?

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