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Samples of Connections messages on Craigslist. Are they about you?

Here are some samples of the Missed Connections that turned up while the romance survey was being conducted earlier this year.

Here are some samples of the Missed Connections that turned up while the romance survey was being conducted earlier this year.

* Orange line heading South from Temple - m4m - 24 (Cecil B. Moore)

Got on the orange line with you at Cecil B. heading South around 5:30. Was chatting with a friend but kept checking you out. You had a faux hawk and were wearing a red hoodie. You're so hot.

* smiles at cecil b. subway stop today - w4m - 21 (temple)

So I was waiting on one of the benches for the subway into Center City staring off in my own little world around 315pm when you walked into my line of vision and blatantly smiled at me. It took me a second to realize it and I'm sorry if you thought i was just being rude or uninterested. but this brief moment made my day. Thank you, stranger.

* Broad Street Line about 3:40 ish - m4w (cecil b. moore)

To the beautiful young lady in the navy blue coat, black tights and black bookbag. I thought you were absolutely heavenly, we caught eyes a few times and diverted quickly but it was very pleasant. you may never see this but its worth a shot to speak my mind.

* Missed Connection with Temple Girl - m4w - 30 (Temple U./Cecil B. Moore Sub Stop)

Waiting for the southbound train around 7:30 . . . you got on with a bunch of friends . . . right away I noticed you . . . you seemed like you might not have wanted to tag with everyone b/c you were quiet while everybody else was kinda talking. . . . I swear you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. . . . brunette; short hair cut with auburn highlights . . . red top; jeans with holes in them; wearing black suede boots . . . When we got on the train I was surprised to see you sit right in front of me; and you kept staring out of the subcar so I saw how beautiful your eyes are. Your eyeliner matched your cute nose ring. If this is you . . . let me know what I was wearing . . . maybe we could grab coffee at Starbucks or something.

* Asked for the time on the El - m4w - 30 (El Eastboard - City Hall)

It was April 1, I stood next to you on the El for about two stops, you asked me the time, it was 3:35 pm. I got off at 15th Street, I looked back and you were smiling at me . . . I should have spoke when I had the chance, so I'm making another chance . . . hopefully you read these things, because I usually don't . . . but I would like to see you again - Shawn

* Purple hoodie, white sneakers, the el - m4w - 25 (Girard stop going west)

Spotted you on the platform, you looked cute in your rain-weather morning outfit, refreshing in the row of weirdos riding the train at 10am. Brightened my morning a little, just saying.