MANDY Arnold has seen the benefits of a good power nap. As president of Gavin Advertising, in York, Pa., Arnold sees her employees get lost in creative ruts, trying to find the best solutions for clients, but something just gets stuck in the brain gears.

"Creativity doesn't always come when you want it to," Arnold said. "So, we give our employees the flexibility to make it work."

When the ad agency moves to a new office space this summer, there will be "solitude stations" to allow staff to regroup and unwind when they need it.

The afternoon nap is pretty popular in Asian countries, where overworked employees can rent time in napping stations in the middle of a workday, according to the Associated Press.

The popularity has spread to the United States and companies like Google and Apple, which allow employees to take 20 to 30 minutes to sleep - what's been dubbed a "power nap."