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He doesn't like gay TV

Also, Steve & Mia counsel uncle on his neice’s bad decisions.

Q: Why is there so much homosexuality on TV lately? I don't like it. But I feel like I can't say anything, because then people will say I'm homophobic. I'm not. I believe in equal rights, but those two guys going at it on "Empire" the other night really upset me. I don't want to see that.

Mia: It's 2015. Turn the channel if you don't like what you see. And don't dis "Empire." That sex scene was smoking!

Steve: I was shocked at how much sex was in "Fifty Shades of Grey." I thought it was a movie about home decorating. But this is the age we live in.

Q: My niece has two babies by two different men and just moved some new guy into her Section 8 housing to live with her and her kids.

Why do these girls who have all these babies out of wedlock walk around calling themselves single moms like it's something to be proud of? I see it all the time, and I'm disgusted by it. I tried talking at a family party to the guy my niece let live with her, and now he's telling family members that he doesn't like me. Nobody else was saying anything, so I felt I was within my rights to speak up. My niece's father isn't around, and I was standing up for her. Now certain relatives treat me like I'm the bad guy.

Mia: You're not the bad guy. That bum living off your niece is. Good for you for speaking up. He may have her snookered, but he's on notice that you're watching him.

When you get a chance, remind your niece that you love her and that she can come to you when things get rocky. She might not do it immediately, but eventually, she'll thank you for it.

Steve: You can't fix other people's lives. Only they can. But you should take Mia's advice and let your niece know she can count on you when things get tough, which they will. Then leave it alone.