Francisco, who likes to be called Frankie, has an appealing personality that draws people to him. The 10-year-old is always happy, pleasant, and easygoing, with a smile that can light up a room.

Frankie has been diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a genetic condition. Although he does not speak, he expresses himself through physical interaction and play. He communicates using his hands and making noises that clearly convey his needs and desires. Frankie enjoys learning and challenging himself. He is currently working on various ways to handle pencils and crayons and spends many happy hours drawing.

A special treat for Frankie was his recent trip to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, where he spent the afternoon exploring and playing. He had the most fun in the water play area.

Frankie would like very much to be adopted. He would do best with a family that would provide a great deal of assistance and a structured environment. He thrives when he receives love and affection.

State and federal assistance programs offer financial help to adoptive parents of eligible children to help offset medical fees and any other necessary costs that may arise during adoption.

Frankie and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Paige Roller at the National Adoption Center.