Elijah is a polite, smart and caring 12-year-old. Passionate about football, he is not shy about his skills on the playing field. "I'm faster than everybody," he says.

However, he has many interests besides sports, including playing video games and spending time with his friends. Elijah absolutely loves superheroes, especially the Hulk, and feels he can learn from them how to be brave and strong.

Elijah was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit a sports arena, where he showed off his football moves and also played spirited games of basketball and hockey. It was a day he will long remember.

Math, reading, and science are his favorite subjects in school.

Elijah is very close to his twin brother, Jeremiah, who was profiled last week. "Jeremiah is my best friend," he says. The siblings are not currently living together, and they dream of being adopted by the same family.

Elijah's social worker says he would bring love, joy, and fun to a family. He would thrive in a home where he would receive support and unconditional love. An animal lover, he would be happy if there is a dog or a cat in the home.

Elijah, Jeremiah, and other children are available for adoption. For information, contact Taylor Rotolo at the National Adoption Center.

trotolo@adopt.org 267-443-1872