Q: This is just so weird, but I read that mattresses are supposed to last 10 years or more. My boyfriend swears he bought his in 2014, but it's horribly uncomfortable and we both wake up stiff with sore backs. It wasn't an expensive mattress, but, still. Is it actually worn out?

A: If any mattress isn't comfortable, you really owe it to yourself to replace it no matter how old the mattress. It can mean much better sleep and waking up more refreshed. Did your boyfriend always wake up sore on this, or any other mattresses? How about you? It's pretty easy to narrow things down if you sleep comfortably in other places.

Some mattresses, especially inexpensive ones, do have lower quality foam and other materials that wear out quickly. Some mattresses are uncomfortable right away no matter how much they cost. If anyone wakes up with a sore back on any bed no matter what, there may be something physically wrong. Talk to your doctor with these concerns!

A new mattress would be a great birthday or holiday gift for your boyfriend … one that you both can enjoy. Talk with your friends and family about what they are using right now, and buy one with a generous sleep trial period and money back guarantee. Give yourself at least 25 nights on your new mattress to get used to the different feel and decide if it's for you.

It's not always fun spending money on something that unglamorous, as you can't really show it off to your friends. However, a mattress is an important investment in your quality of life. Good luck, and let me know how it goes.

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