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For dogs, no place like genome

We can all agree that dogs don’t live long enough.

WE CAN all agree that dogs don't live long enough, but by studying how they age, scientists at Cornell University and elsewhere hope to learn how genetic and environmental factors influence aging and what interventions might mitigate age-related diseases. The Canine Longitudinal Aging Study will use not only traditional demographic and epidemiological approaches, but also new techniques, such as comparative genomics, to identify treatments and factors that may help extend healthy life spans in dogs and humans.

* An Australian beekeeper trained his black Labrador retriever, Bazz, to sniff out hives infected with a bee-killing bacterium called American foulbrood. But there was just one problem: Bazz kept getting stung. To protect him, owner Josh Kennett designed a beekeeping suit that covers Bazz from head to tail. Getting Bazz to actually wear the gear took some time and training, but now he's back on the job, sniffing out the bees' disease.