I’ve seen this girl I’m dating without her makeup and she looked like a whole other person with acne scars  and freckles.  I am crushed.  I know it sounds shallow but I’m a very visual person and don’t know if I can deal. When I saw her at the bar, she was like an eight but without makeup she’s like a 4. I wish makeup was illegal because I feel like I was tricked.

Mia: Do that girl a favor and dump her. That'll free her up to find someone who appreciates her. No woman wants to just be someone's eye candy. She's a real person. Let her find someone who value her and treasure her just the way she is.

Steve: Shallow? Yes, indeed! Make sure you keep your eyes on the women and find a mistake. Then break up with them so they don't waist their time. Eventually you'll grow up, although some never do.

I’ve been texting back and forth with an older man on a dating website who invited me over to watch a movie. I said yes but as the time is approaching, I’m feeling hesitant.  I really like him but I don’t know what to do.

Mia: Don't you dare go over to that man's house! Your subconscious is whispering to you and telling you that something is off — either about the date or the guy himself. Only you know the answer to that. Listen to your gut. If you decide you would like to meet him, make sure you do it in a public place. Tell someone where you're going and give the first and last names of who you'll be meeting to a friend as well as any other information you have about him. When you leave the date, make sure you're not being followed.  But whatever you do, don't isolate yourself in that man's house.  You need to be where you can get away if you have to.

Steve: "Trust, but verify." That was President Ronnie Reagan back in the day when Soviets were Soviets. Never trust your guy unless he can prove it. Make sure you meet in him in public the first time and — if he insists on seeing you alone — drop him forever. Trust, but verify.